Visit to Consul General of China in San Francisco

In August, Ron Zaidman, President of Five Branches University (photo: middle row, furthest to the left) joined leaders of the Traditional Chinese Medicine profession for a private meeting with the Consul General of China,Yuan Nansheng (photo: middle row, center), in San Francisco, California.

The Consul studied Chinese herbal medicine for many years, and is very interested in supporting the continued development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the US with rigorous education and high standards for licensure. The Consul was both pleased and surprised to learn of the Doctoral programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine being offered in the United States now by colleges such as Five Branches University, and of the high level of faculty being invited to teach from China.

The Consul committed to supporting the continued growth and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States. Ron Zaidman, and the leaders of our profession thanked the Consul for his time and the opportunity to meet.