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DAOM & PhD (China)

DAOM & PhD (China)

DAOM Curriculum

The Postgraduate DAOM Program offers six modules of academic and clinical study — for a curriculum of unusual richness and breadth. Strongly oriented toward the Classics, research, and specialization, the curriculum emphasizes the advanced application of TCM practices in a modern, integrative healthcare system.


Foundational classes are designed to enhance your communication, leadership, and collaboration skills. The Foundation modules include advanced courses in case management, dietetics, and herbology.

Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine modules focus on the most relevant health conditions seen today. Lectures are designed to be clinic-oriented, with close relation to actual cases. Courses explore the intersection of bio-medicine and TCM through the lens of classical Chinese medicine theory.


Classics modules explore the theory and application of TCM Classical Texts including Shang Han Lun, Wen Bing, Jing Gui Yao Luo, NanJing, SuWen and Lingshu. You will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the concepts within the Classics that are still relevant today.


Learn how to use evidence-based research in your practice. Review new trends in TCM research and enhance your critical thinking. Research Methodology courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to complete the research capstone project and perform research of publishing quality.


Practicum Training is an opportunity for you to practice what you are learning in the Postgraduate DAOM program. Engage with your local community by connecting with other healthcare professionals to enhance your training and gain expertise in the practice of TCM.