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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete, modern system of medicine based on the ancient traditions of natural science, philosophy and medicine that evolved indigenously in China.  It is a systematic framework of diagnosis and treatment that includes modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, medical qigong, and dietary therapy.  TCM is currently practiced in a variety of settings, servicing the healthcare needs of millions of people worldwide.

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On your first visit, your practitioner will review your new patient intake form and ask detailed questions about your health, history and lifestyle to better understand your underlying constitution and provide a treatment plan specific to you. They might examine your tongue, feel your pulse on both wrists, and perform other diagnostic methods. 

Based on the results of this thorough evaluation, your practitioner will propose a treatment plan which can include, acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, therapeutic massage, medical qigong, and/or dietary therapy. If an herbal prescription is recommended you will receive instructions on how to prepare and take the herbs. It is highly recommended that you follow the treatment plan prescribed to achieve the best results. Your first appointment will last approximately 60-90 minutes.

You will be asked to remove your socks and shoes and lie down. After swabbing the acupuncture point sites with alcohol, your practitioner will insert very thin, sterile, single-use disposable needles at various points on the body, selected to treat your specific condition. The actual insertion of the acupuncture needles is done very quickly, and usually you will feel little to no discomfort. Once the needles are in place, you might experience a tingling, numbing or warm sensation. An infrared heat lamp will keep you warm during your treatment. 

Acupuncture needles can be left in for 15 -35 minutes. During this time, the practitioner might check on you once or twice. Should you experience any discomfort, a call-bell is available so you can contact your practitioner at any time. Most people feel very relaxed and meditate or fall asleep during an acupuncture treatment. Towards the end of your treatment, acupuncture needles will be removed and the practitioner will review your treatment plan with you.

Plan to rest after your treatment. Some people feel a little light-headed after receiving acupuncture. If necessary, please sit for a while in the waiting-room before you depart.

While each individual experiences acupuncture differently, the majority of patients feel little to no discomfort when acupuncture needles are inserted. After treatment, many patients feel relaxed and revitalized.

When practiced by a licensed, trained acupuncturist, acupuncture is extremely safe. Our health centers use only sterile, single-use disposable acupuncture needles.

The U.S. National Institute of Health has recognized acupuncture as a valid, effective method of healing, while the World Health Organization (WHO) has published findings stating that acupuncture can be effectively used to treat over 43 conditions.