Recap: Wisconsin (American) Ginseng AOM Treatment & Medical Research Seminar

Five Branches University had the pleasure of hosting the Wisconsin (American) Ginseng AOM Treatment & Medical Research seminar. The seminar discussed farming practices and the uses of the Wisconsin Ginseng, a premium American ginseng variety, within Acupuncture and Oriental Medical. Robert Kaldunski, President of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin who is a ginseng farmer himself started the presentation with the farming practices and growth cycle of ginseng. One surprising fact he shared with the audience was that after harvest farmers cannot regrow ginseng on the same soil, a phenomenon that is still unexplained.

Robert Yao, one of FBU faculty,  stated  this mysterious occurrence has already been pointed out by Shi Zhen Li, the 16th century author of “The Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu)”, when discussing Dang Shen (another variation of ginseng), pointing out that cannot be regrown in the same area.   

The  next presenter, Dr. Eric Vandenhouten (Ph.D, D.O.M, L.Ac), President of the International Brand Ambassador of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, shared several research articles on the effects of American Ginseng in the treatment of neurological and cardiovascular conditions as well as its influence on the immune system and metabolism. As most of the research was done in Asia, he encouraged the participating students and practitioners to conduct further research on the Medicinal Properties of American Ginseng in the U.S.

The last presenter was Dr. Jeffrey Pang, Senior Professor and Head of the Theory and Herbology Department at Five Branches University. Dr. Pang who is a living example for the daily use of American Ginseng and who has retained his youthful looks and agility despite his advanced age. Dr. Pang,  author of several Chinese Medicine Dietetics books, shared with the audience simple recipes, showing how one can incorporate American Ginseng in their daily diet. 

Recordings of the seminar will be available at a later date.