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Our Mission

  • Why Five Branches?

Since our inception in 1984, all of our accomplishments have been inspired by our unwavering determination to serve humanity. From our innovative academic programs, to the exceptional healthcare we offer to the community, we have played a crucial role in transforming the practice of TCM into a well-respected profession. 

Advancing the Practice of TCM

We are dedicated to provide the highest level of professional education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine in the U.S. and internationally. We aim to develop highly-skilled TCM clinical practitioners, educators and researchers who will advance the practice of TCM as an independent medical modality. 

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

We support an international and diverse cultural community by offering our programs in English and Chinese and providing students the opportunity to study abroad. We foster an inclusive professional environment for faculty, staff and students, by promoting academic excellence as well as personal growth and development.

Dedication to Community Service

We are dedicated to provide exceptional TCM and integrative medicine patient care to the community through the Five Branches University Health Centers, and educate the general public about the significant benefits of TCM healthcare through continuing education programs and community lectures.

Transforming the Worldview of Healthcare

We seek to transform the worldview of healthcare by encouraging professional collaboration among TCM practitioners, faculty, patients, and other medical providers – to increase the recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a significant component of world medicine.

Our Vision

Five Branches University will evolve into an international university and healthcare center, teaching high-level TCM education in English and Chinese, and offering TCM healthcare in an integrative medicine environment throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Four trends will influence our vision over the next 20 years:

An increasing number of patients will continue to seek highly qualified TCM practitioners as primary healthcare providers. TCM schools will continue to improve their programs to provide highly skilled TCM clinical practitioners to meet this growing demand.

TCM universities in China and medical experts in the U.S. will continue to collaborate and share their expertise in TCM and Western medicine, a vital component for the advanced development of TCM doctoral programs and research.

Scientists, researchers and medical institutions will continue to research the depth and efficacy of TCM, resulting in greater acceptance of Chinese medicine among medical professionals and medical schools in the U.S.

A greater demand for collaborative healthcare will evolve as healthcare professionals join together to address the population’s full health needs by educating one another about their work and collaborating to provide effective treatment, prevent disease and promote optimal well-being for patients. We will continue to work to achieve equal recognition and compensation for TCM services in the healthcare profession.