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Five Branches University’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health Clinics serve a vast number of patients within Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay. Of the many clinics we offer, we are very proud to be able to offer exceptional health care services for our U.S. Veterans, many of which suffer from pain and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in addition to other health concerns. The Five Branches University, San Jose TCM Health Clinic operates a Veterans clinic once per week to serve those in need at no charge. Here is a testimonial by a patient receiving treatment by our student interns.

“I would like to share my experience with acupuncture treatment at Five Branches in San Jose. Since I have been going to Five branches for acupuncture treatment, the following procedures have been done to me with much improvement. I had tremendous back pain a few weeks ago. I was unable to put myself on the treatment table. The practitioners placed me on the table and treated me. The next day I had less pain and on the third day all my pain was gone.
“My hands have been burning and numb due to carpal tunnel injury. The first treatment I received on my left hand resulted in the numbness disappearing and it continues to be much better. My right hand has been treated and is better but not as good as the left hand. Because of the hand treatment, I have received, I do not have to wear my hand braces as often. I have also been receiving treatment for non-feeling of my legs and feet. Since [beginning] treatment, I now have feelings to touch and can sense temperature. My feet/toes have been able to move a little now, which was non-existent before treatment. My Physical Therapist at Kaiser has noticed my feet being able to move more. I also had constipation and bladder problems. Five Branches has help me with that too. I’m also able to sleep longer each night now, without having to urinate as often.
“The people at Five Branches have definitely helped me in getting my sense of feeling back and pain under control. They are very professional & compassionate. I would never have thought that acupuncture could help anyone. I’m living proof that it has helped and made me feel better with my recovery. I am grateful for going to Five Branches for treatment because I have definitely seen an improvement in my health.”

~C.S., San Jose, CA