Celebration of Acupuncture Day on Oct. 22, 2023

At Five Branches University, we proudly uphold a cherished tradition of active participation in the annual Acupuncture Day festivities that take place during the third week of October. This year, under the theme “Celebrating California Acupuncture Day,” we joined forces with a distinguished array of individuals who, like us, harbor a deep-seated passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This event, co-hosted by the esteemed California Assembly member Evan Low and the American Chinese Medicine Association, played host to a cadre of influential figures. Among them were the deans of major Chinese medicine institutions in the Bay Area and several notable personalities from the realm of politics. Together, we united to celebrate the profound beauty and efficacy of TCM, casting our spotlight on its manifold benefits.

The event’s agenda was a dynamic blend of educational lectures designed for the public’s enlightenment, emphasizing the pivotal role that Traditional Chinese Medicine plays in maintaining optimal health. We also delved into a pressing topic — the burgeoning recognition of acupuncture’s therapeutic prowess in the landscape of contemporary healthcare, including its incorporation into Medi-Cal and Medicare coverage for Acupuncture Services.

One of the standout moments of the event was the screening of the compelling documentary “Acupuncture Fever – The Road to Legalization in California.” This cinematic masterpiece painted a vivid narrative of the steady ascendancy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, notably acupuncture, in the United States. It meticulously chronicled the tireless endeavors of numerous individuals and the remarkable journey leading to the legalization of acupuncture in California since the 1970s. The flourishing of acupuncture and TCM in California stands as an outstanding achievement, and we take immense pride in our role within this legacy.

During this heartwarming charitable medical event, our dedicated students from Five Branches University, under the nurturing guidance of Dr. Lou, provided invaluable medical consultations and treatments to the event’s participants. Beyond the delivery of these much-needed healthcare services, our students also demonstrated the grace and discipline inherent to TCM through mesmerizing Tai Chi sword presentations.

ChinShin Yang, a senior student at Five Branches University who actively took part in the event, eloquently shared her experience: “Throughout the event, we not only assisted numerous patients in addressing their health concerns, but we were also privileged to interact with established Chinese medicine practitioners, enriching our knowledge with their valuable insights. Furthermore, we engaged in profound academic exchanges with students from other Chinese Medicine institutions who were equally involved in this event. I am genuinely grateful to have been part of this annual celebration of Chinese medicine.”

The event “Celebrating California Acupuncture Day” served as an exceptional platform for us to forge connections, learn from each other, and share the profound heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our journey in the realm of TCM, extending our services, knowledge, and hope to all those we are honored to serve. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who played a part in this magnificent celebration of Chinese medicine.