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DAc & MAc Programs

DAc & MAc Programs

Educational Requirements (DAc/MAc)

All applicants must have fulfilled the minimum education requirements of 90 semester credits (equivalent to 135 quarter credits) of general education including a General Psychology course from a regionally accredited degree-granting college or university, with a minimum of 2.75 GPA. If you have studied abroad, had an unconventional education, or do not have an undergraduate degree, please send your unofficial transcripts to the admissions office for pre-qualification evaluation.

Natural Science Requirements

The DAc & MAc Degree Programs require five natural science courses: General Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology. These may be taken at Five Branches concurrently with your TCM studies. If you have completed any of these courses prior to enrolling at Five Branches, please contact the Admissions office regarding transfer credit evaluation. Natural science credits from non-accredited or vocational schools are non-transferable.

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

Five Branches University will consider Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) applicants including: students participating in the California Acupuncture Board-approved tutorial program, licensed acupuncturists from other states or countries, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals who might be seeking an educational objective other than a graduate degree.

NDS students follow the same application and admissions procedures as required of degree-seeking students. You can take up to 30% of the programs, receive an official transcript showing coursework that has been successfully completed, and request to become a degree-seeking student at any time.

If your personal circumstances do not allow you to commit to either full or part-time graduate study, you can choose to begin your TCM journey as an NDS student. You can take as little as one course per term, for a maximum of three academic terms. Once your academic status change is approved, coursework completed successfully will be applied to the program requirements.