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DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

DAcHM & MAcHM Programs

Career Future

  • Why Five Branches?

Five Branches offers you more than a degree; we provide the foundation for a successful career in the growing field of integrative medicine.

Our progressive curriculum and method of teaching, prepares you to enter the job market poised to take advantage of the exciting career opportunities in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) profession.

You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to go directly into private practice, become a member of a healthcare team, work in an integrative medical center or hospital, or pursue a career in TCM education, publishing or research. 

Additionally, due to the uniquely creative and inspiring nature of Chinese medicine, many graduates pioneer fulfilling career paths as entrepreneurs in a variety of fields related to health and wellness.

Experience a Fulfilling and Successful Career in TCM

Career development resources help you to leverage your academic experience and craft a unique career path that is meaningful to you.

Chinese medicine is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the growing field of integrative medicine, offering a multitude of career opportunities around the world.

In private practice, community clinics and integrative medical centers around the world, our acclaimed alumni are making extraordinary contributions to the field of TCM.