Using TCM as Dietary Therapy

What is Dietary Therapy? Diet is one of the key contributions to the body’s health in Chinese medicine. What we should and should not eat depends not only on our body types and activity, but also our lineage as well as the roll the local environment and weather has on our bodies.

By taking into account our body types, environment and other factors, TCM can help balance the influences one’s food intake has on the body by adjusting a patient’s diet, whether it be through educating patients on how to adjust what food they eat, or adding herbs to help balance the dynamics of yin and yang. Dietary advice is individualized based on numerous factors such as age, sex, activity level, environment, constitution and the season of the year. We are honored to have Dr. Jeffery  to give us an introduction on  how to use TCM as Dietary Therapy.

00:04 Speaker 1: Hi everybody. Today I will be talking about, the topic is TCM dietetics. So everything, we have to be noted with their background and the history. So for the dietetic things in the Chinese medicine, that is have long history. On the Chinese history, I think everybody knows something who, like the Qin Dynasty, that will be the king built the great wall? But actually, it’s before that. It’s called Zhou Dynasty.

00:51 S1: So on that time, already set-up in the king system had four kind of doctors. The dietetic doctor is the first important doctor in that system. Why? Because on that time is many people get sick and the dietetic doctor serve in the palace. The duty for them, they need to make sure the royal family had to be healthy. So then another three doctors will be, the second one will be now the physician, the family doctor. Then another one will be later, because at that time is have many war. So then, they need to be make sure the soldier get treat after they get injury. Then the last doctor, that will be now, the veterinarian, the animal doctor. Because on that time, they have many war, they make sure to keep the horse or something working in the war.

02:38 S1: Okay, so that’s what the history… Then on the book, we’re on the Tang dynasty is already the dietetic book. I just give you the general feeling of the dietetic thing. In the Western medicine, they… Nutritionists there. They very research and study in the, what will be the compound inside each food. So, can’t be more than 100 or they had many mineral or had many nutrition thing, but the TCM dietetic is not the study like that way.

03:23 S1: So mostly we will be talking about the… Mostly it’s how the nature, how the human being… For the simple things. We just say in the… A human being, inside will be like a weather system. So then people, some will be very hot, or some will be very cold, some will be very damp, okay? Like raining all the time, okay? Then some will be very dry.

04:09 S1: So the main concept in the TCM thing, the dietetic thing, we want to be what? We will adjust the body by the dietetic, by the food, to make the body just like nature. The body will be have too dry or too hot, so we need to be have certain food to be keep the body, cool it down or we can be have the body moisture. If the body is imbalanced, so then will be what does the sick will be come from.

04:54 S1: We talked about the main, the dietetic preparation. Some will be similar to Western nutrition, some will be have very special in the diet. For example fresh juice, that will be involve in the Chinese medicine, we have that. Then in the Western, the modern nutrition we selling many carrot juice in America.

05:25 S1: So then they just make sure to… They’re listing all the ingredients inside. For example, like carrot juice. Then they will be say, “Oh! Beta-carotene, that will be good for the body.” But in the Chinese dietetic, we will be study a little bit different way. We say the fresh juice will be what, is cooling, okay? And moisturing will help the body, like a dryness. Then another kind, like the tea like now I drinking. So later on we’ll be talking more, so that will be… Even though now, the lesson study that we’ll be talking about, the tea will be very good for everybody.

06:16 S1: So even though the study say, inside we have many, many different ingredient. But then, like I mentioned in the TCM we study, the tea will be a different way, so we see how major group in the tea. One will be green tea, that will be more cooling. Okay, that’s what good for the cool the body we’ll be have heat. So then another tea that will be one is like a fermented, like a black tea. So that will little bit like warming. So that’s what the idea, we talk about all the food. We not really exactly to be learn every individual ingredient. That’s very complicated. We mostly study and mostly want to be, just say the whole, the nature, how to feed the human body.

07:19 S1: Another example, like the medicinal alcohol we call Yao Chu. So that will be what? We soak, for example ginseng, we soak it in the alcohol. Then what will be the function then? So then in the Western study they will be looking for the very detailed, you know the ginseng inside, if you had something, the ingredient. But for us, we will be mostly say, “Okay, ginseng in the TCM system, that will be very warm and very we call tonify, the Qi.” Then we put it in the alcohol, then will be what? Then even though make the stronger. That’s what now in the market, I think many companies, they’re selling the ginseng extract or alcohol. But they just say, “Oh, that’s be good for your energy, or something.” But they didn’t know, not everybody is good to drink those kinds of ginseng alcohol. Because the regeneration the body had, the heat. But if some people, they have very cold nature in the body, that will be very good.

08:39 S1: So then another example, we talked about like congee. So we put the rice to cook with the water, so become congee. One of the idea will be people will digest easier. But also, we have mentioned too that will be good for people who had chi deficient, but also had yin deficient. One of the example, like children, when they got like a diarrhea, there will be dehydration. In the western system, the fast way the doctor, like pediatric, how they do that? They will put the IV or something or cause immediately to help the body, the fluid. But that’s expensive and also not everybody can do that. But in the Chinese dietetic, one of the easy way, we will be put the rice to make congeal. That means that they put more water. Then we put a little bit salt or something. Then we be help the body, after drink it, then we will help the body. The balance, the mineral and the body fluid, the level.

10:16 S1: So now we will talk about another topic. In the dietetic, when we eat the food we need to match the season. For example, now in Spain, it’s summer, so then if you are outside, it’s very hot. So then, we need to find out some kind of food in the TCM nature they are cool, okay. That will be what to help the body to balance out. But we eat too much cold kind of food in the summer time, that can be also a problem. So that’s why in the Huangdi Neijing, we had the sentence say, “On the spring and the summer we need to be cultivating the Yang.” Because for example, people when summer time, they feel very hot, then they will be drinking a lot of ice cold water. Or even though the ice, that will be hurt the body, the Yang. So that’s what that sentence, the idea.

11:39 S1: We say on the spring and the summer, we need to be cultivating the Yang. Opposite on the autumn and the winter. Same thing too on the outside is very cold, so then we’ll be eat a lot of warming food. For example like a hot spicy, okay, like barbecue, those kind of things. Then after that, then will be what? The Yin and Yang will be out of balance. That’s why in the Huangdi Neijing we say nourishing the Yin in the autumn and the winter. But just say anyway, the other concept, we will be say the… Generally speaking, the human being is just like an animal, the human being. So need to be coordinated with all those kinds of, like the four season.

12:31 S1: So we need to be select the different kind of food then to match that season, so there will be help the body balance then we could avoid to be get sick. Another approach now I think everybody know like in the modern dietetic, they talks about people need to eat the salad or vegetable, will be have different color. As many color is good.

13:08 S1: Now I will take a little bit time to explanation how the Chinese medicine to be talking about those kind color, because we approach is different category. Here we be used as something like a fire element. That kind of idea, to how to match the human being. For example, now, say, like a green kind of food. For example, now just like I drink the green tea, okay, so then in the Chinese medicine is related with the liver.

13:48 S1: We say liver is detoxify all those kinds of toxicity in the human body. Same thing, if you know the liver is good, the function is good wellbeing, so then the human being, the health is good. Then we talked about any kind of green… Or even though we just, not necessary to taking, you just watch, okay, to more green like a tree or a grass. This still will be affect to the liver. Okay? Because in the TCM system we say the liver will also, not only detoxify, it’s also related to the eyes, too. That’s why all recommendation says, now we use a computer a lot, so then once in a while we need to be look at the outside, the green tree or the grass or something. That will be help the liver.

14:57 S1: Then another color, we talked about the red color. So then I can show you one of the fruit like a lychee, you see how red, okay? That will be what? Generally speaking, we say that will be something associated with the heart. Now, the Western study, they say, “Oh, okay. So now the red wine or whatever.” We talked about the grape juice if they are red is good for your heart, okay? But that kind of idea in the TCM system we say is, a couple of thousand years ago is already saying that, okay. Then they talked about all the food, if they are very red, it should be more connecting with your heart.

15:48 S1: Then, yellow color. So in the five element, in the TCM we say, is associated with the spleen and stomach. Okay then, for example, now carrot. Everybody will be now say is good. So after some people will be drink too much. Then what happens then? The skin, or the eyes even will become a jaundice, it’s a yellow. Okay? Everything should be balanced. Not say good then you’ll be, take every day, That’s not good. Because in the TCM we say those five different color, they for each organ, is good. But we need to be make sure every organ, not only just one organ. Okay? Then another example, like pumpkin. If they look yellow. It’s very good for the spleen and stomach in the TCM system.

16:52 S1: Another example there will be what, the color related with the white. Then the white in the five element is associated with the lung. I give you one of the example. Now, not only just the TCM say that. It’s also approved by the Western study, too. Like garlic, okay? It’s white. So then now some people will be make the garlic inside the ingredient to sell in the market, say it will be help your immunity. In the immunity, in the TCM will be what is associated with the lung. It’s related, we call “Wei Qi”, defense Qi. I think, later on the modern study and the TCM study, it should be matched together.

17:43 S1: Then the last color we talk about is black. Many food, if the color has dark will be entering the meridian in the Chinese medicine, will be kidney. Then the kidney will be what? They also will control the bone, control the hair. One of the simple and the good food, that would be black sesame. That’s what many people will be take that for help the hair. But also will be help the brain because the kidney, we say will be associated with the marrow, will be associated with the brain.

18:31 S1: Now we will be talking a little bit simple things. We talked about the main starchy things, like the rice. In the dietetic things, we say because the colors, white will be associated with the lung. Before I mention already, so then the rice, know how to cook that, they can be very rich nutrition things. You’ll be tonify the lungs to be help the immunity. Then the wheat. In the TCM system, wheat will be also related with the liver. I give you one of the example, simple dietetic things. We have one formula called Gan Mai Da Zao Tang. Okay, then mai, that will be also wheat. So we can pick them as simplified. You can put the whole wheat including the shell. Then you can put a little bit roast it, then you can just put it in like a real… You put the hot boiling water, just make a tea. Then you constantly to drink it as a tea. Then what will be help you that. We talked about the TCM diagnosis says liver chi congestion, or we call “dry organ”. But we use it the Western study, so what you be that kind? It’s more menopausal, then the people will be feel hot flashes, sweating, you’ll be feel very uncomfortable. So then one of the simple dietetic treatment, so then you can be just drink those whole wheat roaster, whole wheat as like a tea. That it will be help you a lot without any kind of side effect.

20:54 S1: Potato. We talked about one of the kind of easy way to be treat the disease one will be what? We pick a potato. After we use it, make the raw juice. Use the machine to squeeze it, to make the juice. Then we drink it. Then what will be happen then? That will make the stomach cooling. One of the kind of dietetic method some people will be have a stomach ulcer or stomach acid too much, because we say that is the Western diagnosis. We need to make sure they belong to we call stomach in-deficient. So then we just drink those type of raw potato juice. Might help the symptoms, also be help to the lining. We’ll be sitting and also might be… Because the lining’s the ulcer. I give you another example, very simple too. Your skin is different things. The skin have ulcer or the skin have rash, feel burning or crack. One of the kind of simple treatment, you can make the raw potato to make juice. Okay, then you put the gauze or something to put on that area. Then will be what? That will be help the symptoms. Even though the stomach is inside, but the same thing, had lining. It’s like a skin, will be have the same effect.

22:49 S1: Now I give you another example. It’s corn. So the corn will be what? I think everybody know what the corn in the Western studies. It’s very good for the eyes and have many good nutrition things, but the corn silk, mostly people will be throw away. But one of the Chinese dietetic, you just collect those kinds corn silk to boiling, become a soup to drink. Then what happens? You’ll be help the body eliminate of the dampness. It will help the urination increase in order to take out the toxicity inside the body. The yam, same thing too. Read now many people in the Western study, they talk about very good food. Okay, but it’s different way to study. In TCM Dietetic, we say the yam will be what? Depend on the color too.

24:00 S1: For example, now will become very popular, is the purple yam. Then will be what? They will be help the body, the bowel movement, and inside if we have many ingredient, it can be help the arthritis pain too. Actually one of the Shan Yao we grow is the herb, but they actually is kind of yam related, mountain yam we call that. Okay. It will be help many way to be tonify the spleen in the TCM system. But then I think now in the Western study, they find out they have many things, even though has something like female hormone related. So then will be help the people menopausal, but it’s in general good for everybody.

24:50 S1: Because actually in the dietetic things, we will be what? We will be such a daily basics. We eat the food. We need to see what kind your body’s imbalance. Then we will be choose what kind of strong effect, the kind of vegetable or fruit or something to have. So now, I’ll just give you some example. One of the squash we call ku gua is bitter melon. So then will be what? It’s very… Kind of bitter, but actually that will be help the body, very cooling. For example, sometime we have, we call the fire, in the stomach. What happen then?

25:51 S1: Sometime we will have gum swollen and sore throat. When we eat too much like now the fast food, Kentucky Fried Chicken, all is deep oil, deep fry. Then will be generating, the body have a lot of fire, we call it just heat. Then will be what? That bitter melon will be what? It looks like certain kind of very strong medication in that herbal medicine, like Huang Lian or Huang Jing, those kinds of herb, but it’s without that kind of bad taste. Then we can be using the bitter melon to be cooked with something then in order to help the body take out the heat.

26:41 S1: And also, I think you can see in the Power Point, we have something that look like the root, that actually on the first picture, that actually we call Shan Yao, is the mountain yam. We mentioned that before. It’s very good for the body. Now I think it’s become popular. Not mainstream, the supermarket yet, but all those kind of Oriental supermarket will be selling that fresh. We call fresh mountain yam. That will be tonify the spleen Qi. So it will be help the body, you know, the energy, and help the digestion very much. And we mentioned before, it’s kind of yam. So then every nutrients recognizing that will be what is good food.

27:40 S1: Then another one on the picture we talked about, look like kid of green leaf. Actually, I took those picture in China. It’s in the market. Then there, we’ll be just go to market to buy food everyday, so then will be what? One more, the fruit we call Goji tsu or whatever, call wolf-berry, but that is the leaf. Then we will be also eat the leaf too. This one the picture, we call goji. So it will be very good for the eyes and also will be help the body, like anemia, those kind of things.

28:25 S1: And I will be especially to mention one of the vegetable selling here too in the farmer’s market. But it’s grow in everybody like a backyard, especially springtime. It’s called Purslane. I think in here, I saw it they sell it in the farmer’s market, but also in the Mexican market, too. Then the Purslane, in the Ping Yi, we call Ma Chi Xian, how good this herb? In the herbal system, we say that it will be help diarrhea, but I think there are studied by the Western very good already. They say can be help to detoxify the body. Now, everybody use the plastic things. We be had one of the kind of chemical things phenol, yeah. One of the chemical thing.

29:24 S1: That’s what people now in the United States not only, I think everywhere, because people will be use that plastic bottle as a content to be more the food, any kind of food actually is now is used mostly plastic thing. Then they can be slowly to be by that type of chemical things. They somewhat look like female hormone. Then will be what? People drink too much those things, whatever the water, the bottled water, or especially if the inside has something like acid, those kind of liquid. Then they will be slow melt down into that liquid. So then people drink too much those kind of water. You be have something risk to make more breast cancer or the female system cancer. Then that Purslane actually we can detoxified that.


30:42 S1: Now we will be take a little bit of time to be talk about something like fruit. Every fruit is something too beside the color. Also we be have many different kind of nature, some will be very hot, okay? If your body is very cold, it’s good. But if your body is very, has something fiery, for example, you always feel like burning, or you feel something like very hot body, so then some of the fruit will be not good for you. For example, a lychee, we mentioned. That is tropical fruit. Mango, those kind of thing. Or even though the grape, it be a red wine, so now we say, “Oh, you know, red wine’s good for… ” Now many people say red wine is good. But, it depends on. That’s what the main idea in the Chinese medicine. Your body is cold, then the red wine is good. But then if you already have many heat in your body, then you drink the red wine, then you’ll be generous to the fire. Then later on you’ll be out of balance. Then what happens then? Then you can be get a sore throat, or later on you might be get an infection or something.


32:04 S1: So now I think you received a picture. Looked like a parfait. [laughter] I don’t know why you choose that, but I can say something about that thing, okay? I know everybody knows now, the parfait that will be increase your body’s cholesterol, so it’s not good. But actually, you know what? In the Chinese medicine, or dietetic things, one that’s called red rice yeast. That’s what mostly now the drug company to make something, that category or lower the cholesterol of the body, called Statin system. Where they come from? Actually, the original comes from the study of the red rice yeast. Then you know the idea, they get that, because people find out when they eat just a parfait, like the picture is showing, then they will be feel congestion and they feel difficult to digestion. But then they don’t. They find out, they use the red yeast kind of sauce. They make something, cooked together with that red yeast, red rice yeast, but it makes a soy sauce, those kind of things.

33:38 S1: Then to make the parfait, the colors, the red. But beside that, after they taking, they feel it. Not that congestion. It’s something inside. That’s what the scientists, they will be, “You know, we need to find out, see what will be the kind of the red rice yeast inside has something interesting thing?” Then later on they find out, actually that’s what the Statin system. So now we be what? The drug company make that, selling everywhere. Everybody, the patient, who had high cholesterol, they will be prescribed those type of Statin. Okay? Then you probably know some patient will be have very strong side affect with the Statin, with the muscle. We be feel very weak, some people will be feel, actually they can be melt [chuckle] the muscle. We talked about that, use the food, to be correct the body, the imbalance.

34:57 S1: Okay, now we be had a little more time to talk about the tea again. Before they say the coffee is not good, but now they say that coffee is good [chuckle] Why that? Actually, because the coffee, some ingredients is like tea. One of the ingredients, like caffeine, so then they say it can be prevention, the Alzheimer or something, those kinds of things. Okay. But in the TCM Dietetic, we talked about the kind of tea, the function is very, very long history already. Say you have your Shen. Shen actually, in another sentence would be say is the mind, or the brain.

35:55 S1: Okay then we be what? People, if they know how to be select good category of the tea? Then we’d be what. Every day we need to drink water, tea or coffee, then we be keep a kind of medication. We mentioned if the body is heat kind, then the green tea would be the best choice. But didn’t say the black tea is no good. In the Western study because they are use a different system. Then they would be say, “Green tea is good.” Why that? Because inside would be more nutrition things, because they didn’t destroy. But then we study is different way. Then even black tea is good too. Because some people they have cold. Then the black tea, even they put a little bit milk, even though sugar. It’s still good. But then, the coffee is good. But if you put too much sugar and too much milk or something, then it will be what? . Then it will be candy, not necessary very healthy. But if you eat, say, general like Chinese drink the tea they didn’t put any things inside. That should be more healthy. I think you can see it in the Power Point, the tea is already studied very completely by the Western. It is considered very good diet thing. Okay.

37:56 S1: Now we talk about a little bit the milk. Oh, okay, we probably have time. [chuckle] Anybody have any question, you can be asking. We really don’t have time to be finished all the content, okay.


38:22 S1: By the way, I have published two books. Okay.

38:37 Speaker 2: While Dr. Pang recovers from drinking tea a little bit incorrectly, Dr. Jeffrey Pang has actually written two different books that are highly recommended on Chinese medicine dietetics. This one right here is Chinese Medicine Dietetics Remedies. You can see it up on your screen right now. Super good, incredibly cheap. I am an acupuncturist, I’m a doctoral fellow right now and to find this kind of information, as you can see it’s pretty thin, but it means that everything has been super condensed. And it’s very difficult to find really good quality information out there, as there’s so much dietetics type of information, but these are amazing. And he has this second book too, that he recently put out, Volume One of Chinese Medicine Dietetics. And so we’re looking for… There’s a third one coming out too.

39:32 S1: Yeah, it will be take time. We will be planning to do that, okay.

39:37 S2: Definitely plenty more to come out. If you are a practitioner already, if you are an acupuncturist, I definitely recommend checking out some of the CEUs that Dr. Pang has as well in Chinese medicine dietetics, those are really great. So you can get a little bit more information. As you can see, we weren’t able to get through all of the material. It would take a lifetime to actually study all the material on Chinese dietetics and the subtle nuances of it. So now we just wanna open up the virtual floor to any questions that any students might have. Feel free to write any kind of questions on the right side of your screen, and then you can ask those questions there.

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40:34 S2: Go ahead and just feel free to ask any questions. I mean you have a living legend sitting right next to me. With any kind of questions that you might have in relation to any kind of therapy conditions. Again, we were able to only go over just a couple brief topics. And so if there are any acupuncturists out there… We also will have a poll as well that will be coming up in just a little bit, that will explain some more. The poll is happening right now? Sorry, the poll is actually happening right now. [chuckle] Let’s see here. The first question here, you guys have already kind of figured out is, “What additional health care topic would you like us to address?”. And it looks like, wow. It’s actually tied. Actually we have a pretty good thing: Tied 43% for mental health and women’s health, and GI disorders are another really interesting topic. I actually chose those myself today, so you’re welcome. Yeah, so we’ll go ahead and go on to the next poll question. This is actually talking about our open house that’s coming on. If anybody is interested in going to that, go ahead and either say, yes or no. Okay. It looks like all of you have voted.

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42:19 S2: Okay. We’ll go ahead and go to the next question here. The next question is, “If you’re not an acupuncturist and if you’re just getting a little bit more information, are you interested in enrolling in our graduate degree program, studying acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and actually getting an opportunity to study with Dr. Pang in person, live?” It’s pretty great. So, 10 more seconds.

42:52 S2: Alright. Thank you, and the final poll question. Okay. So, the final poll question is, “Are you interested… Would you like to have an admission advisor contact you later today… ” Sorry, not later today, “… Later this week or very soon, to find out a little bit more information?” Okay. Just a couple more seconds, everyone else can finish that. Okay. Thank you. Okay. So now, we’re gonna open this up just a little bit and Dr. Pang is sitting here next to me. So we’ll scoop this over. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to ask the master on any kind of dietetics-related questions that you might have. Do we have a question?

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44:00 S2: So, our first question that we have is: What is a good tonic or an herb to help with hot flashes?

44:05 S1: Okay. There will be one is, we mentioned before, the Shan Yao meaning wild mountain yam. Okay, because the inside has somewhat, associated somewhat like a female hormone. But actually, it’s not exactly the same. People don’t need to worry about and say, “Oh, it might be a stimulation to cancer or something.” It’s not exactly the same like a drug. Okay? So then, that’s one of the recipes. You can eat more the wild mountain yam. Another thing I think I mentioned before, if you use whole wheat, even though including the shell, then you be roast it a little bit or not necessarily roast it, depends on your body, the constitution, okay? Then, you make tea. Then you drink it, okay? Another thing, because generally speaking, the hot flashes, we say is a Yin and Yang is in-balanced. Mainly is the Yin is not enough, so then the heat will be come up. Then you’ll be make the hot flash.

45:28 S1: Generally speaking, green tea is good, too. And also, because people get the menopausal therapy, had something like Qi will be blocking in the body secretion. It’s not so good. So then, we will be try to use some kind of flower to open up. The flower can be used food, for example, something like rose flower or jasmine, okay? So, like jasmine tea or we can be combine with the tea like rose, we can combine with the black tea. The jasmine, we can usually combine with the green tea, okay?

46:26 S1: So, that’s the common food. But we mentioned the main things that you need to find out your body, what kind of imbalance there, okay? Even though it’s hot flashes, but sometimes they just not necessarily always heat. Some people can be like Yin and Yang is both deficient too. So the better way, we need to be find out the pulse or tongue or combination. Then, we can be have more detail. But just say generally, those kind of food it’s generous good.

47:09 S2: Okay. We have another question. What types of fruits and meat will not worsen heat symptoms? So, in other words, what types of foods and fruits will cool the body down?

47:23 S1: Okay.

47:23 S2: Cool the body down, especially, heat that’s on the facial scale.

47:26 S1: Yeah. All the meat, red meat considered is a heat in the body. So then, we’ll be what? Only then people, and that’s what we say, need to be associate the season. Like wintertime, then people generally can be take red meat, okay. But then, depend on the body. If they already have heat then the red meat will be have to be avoid. They need to be eat more fish or something. Fish generally, because they is in the water especially when they in the cold water. Those kinds of fish will be considering, kind of the nature is cooling. That would be good for the people.

48:13 S2: What about facial heat. People that have itchy or inflamed…

48:17 S1: Like a acne or something.

48:18 S2: Yeah, I think maybe acne is kinda what they’re going towards.

48:21 S1: Yeah, that usually is the heat on the body. So they will be need to be eat more, like we mentioned before, even the bitter melon or more green, those kind of salad, or those kinds of things. Okay. The carrot juice is considered kind of cooling too.

48:39 S2: Okay. Okay. Do we have any other questions? Okay, well while you’re drumming up a couple of questions, I just want to talk a little bit about our upcoming webinars that we have coming up soon. I just wanna remind you also, we’re kinda gonna shift a little bit more and shift directions for our upcoming webinars. What we’ve been doing the last nine webinars is having more of a lecture format with a little Q and A at the end. But we wanna change it up a little bit to where it will be more of a seminar format, so that way the professor can talk a little bit and then give some time in the middle to kinda have more dyadic information going on. So that way the students can ask questions, pose inquiries and then get that feedback. It’s kind of a seminar style, a classroom in the middle.

49:33 S2: We think that’ll be a little bit more interaction, and a little bit more dynamic of an experience. So let us know if you like that. And some of the upcoming webinars that we have are on… Today is June. July 18th there’ll be a topic on treating insomnia with TCM. And insomnia as you know is different things, like it would be difficult falling asleep or actually waking multiple times. So we’ll be talking about all sort of topics on insomnia. That will be done by one of our professors Dr. Jacqueline Bird. On August 15th, we’ll be discussing treating allergies with traditional Chinese medicines, so that’ll be good too. And so it looks like we have another question that came in. Let me just scroll up here. [chuckle] Okay. Normally this is the one people want to know. Oh, yeah, okay no, this is very good. Yeah, so what about some super yummy damp-clearing foods? What are your favorite foods that clear damp, or dampness? [chuckle]

50:37 S1: Yeah, okay, one of kind of food, even those selling in the main stream store too, is Yi Ren

I mean about Yi Yi Ren.

50:50 S2: Oh, Yi Yi Ren. Job’s tears.

50:51 S1: Yeah, I think called Job’s tears.

50:53 S2: Job’s tears, yeah.

50:54 S1: That will be a very good food, so that will be help the body to take out the dampness. I think even too they serving in the health store, so everywhere. But when we eat that food, you will be expecting, very fast can make things happen. They just gradually, okay, because they will be the dampness will be promote. I mean make the urination more, then they come out from the body little by little. But that definitely is very good food. Yeah, I think not only the TCM thing, too Western studies. That’s what they selling in the health store. It’s very good for the dampness. Even for the skin condition too, okay, like the eczema or acne or even the arthritis. So it’s very good food. I would be recommendation that for the dampness.

51:53 S2: Did you say corn silk too? Is that what you were gonna kinda mention?

51:56 S1: Yeah, yeah you can put together, but the corn silk you cannot eat them, because is fiber thing. You might use the corn silk to be make the tea first, then you cook with this, that Yi Yi Ren.

52:11 S2: Oh, that’d be really good. Very good.

52:13 S1: Because that things like rice, you can eat them.

52:16 S2: Okay.

52:17 S1: So that is good for the dampness.

52:20 S2: Okay, okay. So another question. For cooling, is it better to cook the vegetables or does it not matter if you’re trying to invoke…

52:32 S1: If very strong, you want to cooling sometimes, fresh juice, it’ll be warm, okay? Yeah. You can make vegetable juice, put in the machine to be make the like a raw juice. But if some people, they have stomach… Every food we need, when we take into the stomach, the stomach is like a cooker, you have to be cook little bit, okay? So then if they are… The stomach function is not that strong, so even though is heat, but then you take too much those raw vegetable, it still cause problem so we need to be see how little by little or something.

53:16 S2: Maybe like warm, like room temperature?

53:18 S1: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

53:19 S2: Room temperature, raw? Okay, we have another question here. For a patient that’s undergoing chemotherapy and having a difficult time eating, would you recommend something for that kind of a patient? I guess it’s been…

53:34 S1: Yeah, for that things, usually, radiation therapy, that usually in the TCM system you’ll be generation the body very heat. Because the radiations look like sun light or thing. Then chemotherapy usually is like the toxicity thing. Then they will be work to be damage the stomach Qi. That will be make people cannot eat, throw up, things like that. Then we need to be like mention to use something like wild mountain yam, or we use the Dang Shen, some kind of Ginseng, but it’s not Korean Ginseng, okay? So then will be what? You know, they sell in the market, even to make like crystallize, like a tea. So then be can easier to take, okay? And also even though like something simple things in your garden grow, like a mint leaf with something like lemon juice little bit and green tea. And also another important things can be used, ginger. Because people, they throw up very easily after chemo. Then you can use a little bit ginger, then put a little bit orange peel or something to be made like a tea, to drink that will be subside, side effect suck that from the chemo.

55:01 S2: Okay. Yeah, that’s really good.

55:11 S1: Do you have any other question? [chuckle] It’s almost 6 o’clock.

55:17 S2: The one last question that we have, so this person wants to know about soy products and kidney function, weak kidney function. A lot of like protein powders and things have soy in there. Do you recommend that to people with kidney function diseases or kidney problems?

55:36 S1: It is, if the kidney function a problem, too much protein is not so good for them. But in our systems, same thing, we need to be find out, the Po Zan Tong then to see how the kidney, yin or yang, which part is more disharmony. Then we need to be select some kind of food to be eat. Same thing, like if we say all black beans is good for kidney, but it depend on too. Everything we want to be is balanced.

56:09 S2: Right.

56:10 S1: Actually, one of the major things we talked about on the very beginning, we say the congee making, we say we have five different kinds of veggie, five different kinds of fruit, or five different kind of grain things, that just meaning, we eat things… Even though some is good. We not where we can eat them all the time. Then we be make the body in-balance. Even though they start to say “Oh, it’s very good”, you know that saying, “Soy beans good, okay.” But if you eat soy beans all the time, you still have problem, okay? [chuckle]

56:45 S1: So everything needs to be balanced. That’s why before, one of the kind, called Atkins diet, not good. Because they just say, “Oh, you want to lose weight?”. One of the methods, right, you don’t eat any carbohydrates, so you just eat meat. Some people accept that. Then they eat all the meat, I think they get problem, okay, because it’s imbalanced. So then later on, they will be get high cholesterol, or very something problem or heart disease or any kind. So that meaning to say, everything we need to be… That’s what the main idea to the TCM things, we need to be everything make a balance. And the human body needs to be matched like nature, like season, everything go together. Then the body will be more balanced, including the mantle too, now exercise. That’s what they put the congee making to talk about five different kind of things, or even just say you get six different kinds, okay? But just the idea, say want to be not… Is they have to be many different food to be balanced, to eat everyone. Okay.

58:08 S2: Great, well thank you so much Dr. Pang, for coming here and sharing your wisdom with us.