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DAOM & PhD (China)

DAOM & PhD (China)

Why Five Branches?

The Postgraduate DAOM Program, the highest-level Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training in the U.S., is a sought-after destination for TCM professionals who share the same goals: to advance their career, and to become part of an academic culture that is dedicated to serve humanity. 

In the DAOM program, you cultivate an innovative set of skills that will distinguish you as a TCM practitioner, researcher or educator. You will partner with some of the best minds in TCM — in a rigorous program offering depth, far-reaching opportunity, and a world-class reputation. 

Later, as a Five Branches DAOM alumnus, you will benefit from the experience and connections of faculty, graduates and students who are well-respected leaders in TCM.

Attending class either on campus or remotely allows you to continue working while you earn your DAOM degree. In turn, you take what you learn in class on one day to work the next, for a return on investment that starts immediately.

Join a diverse family of students and faculty who are here to make an impact with their life’s work.