DAOM Program

Ignite your passion for learning with our hybrid DAOM Program which offers you the flexibility of online learning and the engagement of in person training

We've Upgraded!

Are you ready to take your education to the next level while minimizing travel? Look no further! Our Hybrid Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) program combines the excellence and expertise you expect from Five Branches with the convenience of online learning.
This comprehensive 2-year program, totaling 1280 hours, is designed to empower you with knowledge and expertise. Join us in shaping the future of Oriental Medicine! 

Lots to Offer!

Our DAOM Hybrid Program Mixes online and offline course work to take advantage of the best of both worlds!

Online Theory Classes

During each term, classes will meet online for three out of the four months for three days each month. Our online classes will explore a deep dive into theory reducing the need and expense of travel.

In Person Clinical Labs

One time per term, students will travel to our San Jose campus for for days of immersive hand-on clinical labs


Student Engagement

While on campus, students will be able to spend time engaging with each other, attending student focused dinners and practicing clinical skills while creating life long connections.


Financial Aid

 We Believe in supporting your Educational journey. Explore financial aid options to make your dreams of higher education a reality!

What to Expect

Online Weekends: Dive deep into theory classes during three online weekends each term. Reduced travel allowing for more time at home or in clinic.
In-Person Immersion: Experience the thrill of hands-on clinical labs during one immersive weekend on campus per term. Get ready to master clinical skills and engage in experiential learning.
Ignite Your Passion: Discover the perfect balance between online flexibility and in-person engagement. Our Hybrid DAOM program lets you pursue your passion for Oriental Medicine without compromising your schedule. 
International Externships: Broaden your horizons with international externship opportunities. Immerse yourself in diverse healthcare settings and gain invaluable cross-cultural experience.

Now is the time to take the next steps and earn your DAOM degree!

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