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Library and Research

The Five Branches University (FBU) Library provides accurate, reliable and up-to-date information resources to support the instructional, clinical and research needs of the University. The FBU library maintains facilities at both the Santa Cruz and San Jose campuses. Users include on-site students, staff and faculty, as well as distance education users, such as our alumni and other TCM practitioners.

The FBU library has a physical collection of 6,000 monograph, serial and audio/visual volumes in English, Chinese and Korean on subjects such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrated Medicine, Public Health, and Western Medicine. The collection also includes materials ranging from Asian Art and Literature to Modern Science, Psychology, and Business Management. The library has twenty current serials subscriptions.

Online library services are available at all times through our online catalog/resource page. The library web based online catalog is also available from mobile devices. A PowerPoint presentation of library services, search tips, and orientation to PubMed is available here.

Bibliographic records for these materials are created by a licensed librarian according to national library standards to ensure future interoperability. The database is searchable by author, title, subject and keyword headings or by using advanced Boolean searches.

Library Hours

Library hours are posted at the library’s front door at the beginning of each semester. Hours vary by campus and semester. In general, library hours will be reduced during the winter and summer intersessions. Please check with the library staff about the open hours. 

Orientation and Regulations

For newly entering students, an orientation to the library will be provided within the first couple weeks of the semester. During this orientation, students will be given a tour of library materials and available services and a set of instructions and regulations for library use.

Illegal Distribution of Copyrighted Materials

Five Branches University supports the Higher Education Opportunity Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including efforts to eliminate the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

The goal of the University’s policy is to provide the Five Branches University community with a standard approach for complying with copyright law. Although this policy is a guide on copyright-related matters, it is not a substitute for legal advice. This policy also prohibits the use of Five Branches University’s information network to illegally download or share music, video and all other copyrighted intellectual property. Under the law, University administrators may be obligated to provide copyright holders with information about users of the FBU information network who have violated the law.

To learn more about copyright infringement, please review the University’s Policy or visit


The FBU library E-newsletter aims to keep students abreast of changes to library hours/semester breaks, additions to library materials/services, current projects being completed by library staff, reminders of library policy or changes to policy, and library work-study opportunities.

Quiet Oasis

The goal of the FBU library is to provide a space where students are able to focus on studying and research, therefore cell phone use, food, and loud discussion are not allowed in either campus library.

Computer Labs

Each campus library offers hard-wired computers with printing capabilities for student use. Students needing to do research for class and clinic are given priority access.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Devices

Wireless internet access is available in the library and in many other areas of the school. The library web based online catalog is available from mobile devices. Some of the databases such as PubMed also transmit to handheld devices.

Photocopy Machine and Printing

A photocopy machine and laser jet printer with double-siding capabilities are available for use in the library. Copies from either source costs $.10 per side.

Required and Recommended Academic Texts

The FBU library keeps copies of texts required for classes in the reference section. Students have found this access especially beneficial when they have forgotten to bring their texts for the day or are waiting for financial aid distributions before buying texts.

Clinic Research

During clinic hours, many of our students use the on-campus library computers for research. For example, a student may want to research information about his/her patient’s past medical conditions. Because the library is on-campus, research can be completed between patients or while the patient is relaxing, with needles in place, on the treatment table. A small collection is available in the clinic itself.

The FBU library offers access to research databases such as Acutrials and PubMed through our website along with many other links to full-text articles, nearby public library resources, and free full-text services. The library provides full-text capabilities from PubMed for University students and staff.

To learn how to access research material click here to view the slideshow.

Additional Community Resources

Each branch of the library is located near a major public library system offering free library services. For students in San Jose, the PlaneTree Library at the Cupertino library is available to students at no cost. In addition, Five Branches students can gain unlimited access to the University of California library system at UCSC with material checkout privileges for a small fee.

FBU Cumulative Exam Preparation

Practice tests and general study suggestion material for the FBU cumulative exams are kept in the reference section of the Santa Cruz library.

National and State Exam Preparation

Practice tests, general study suggestion material, and instructions for the State and National exams are kept in the reference section, as well as the texts required for each exam.

Conferences and Lecture Materials

The FBU library offers copies of lectures and conferences related to TCM and massage. For example, for those unable to attend the recent Fascia Research Congress, a DVD copy of the proceedings is currently available for student check-out at the Santa Cruz library.

Work-study Opportunities

The FBU library offers employment opportunities for incoming and currently enrolled work-study students. This is a great way to earn extra income and learn more about available information resources.

Current Students