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Webinar: TCM Tips for Self-Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi, Five Branches University students, this is Dr. Chi speaking. We are living in an unprecedented time. Many people are looking for ways to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. But right now, there are unknown numbers of people in the U.S. that are suffering from COVID-like symptoms who are simply unable to get tested, or are tested positive, but with mild symptoms. I know a lot of us are already practicing social distancing, and most people have already been following all the rules about hand-washing, avoiding to touch their faces, avoiding to shake hands or hugging, and disinfecting surfaces frequently. But is there anything else that we can do to help our bodies?

This video will teach you how to take care of yourself, your patients, or your friends at home in self-quarantine, to promote self-healing and reduce stress. According to the last video, this pathogen invades the Mo Yuan area, causing dampness in the body. Many experienced TCM doctors from China, who have treated COVID-19 patients, believe that this pandemic belongs to dampness, and they call it Damp Yi. Yi means epidemic diseases. Continue reading »

Webinar: TCM Pathophysiology of Epidemics

Students in Five Branches University, this is Dr. Chi. Last time, held on March 2nd, we had a Lunchtime Forum with the students in Five Branches. Since then, the disease has developed from an epidemic disease to a pandemic disease. Last time, we were talking about this COVID-19 and how China has used TCM to help the patients at different stages. Back then, there were only 89000 recorded cases of COVID-19 in the whole world; now there are 1.6 million people in the whole world affected by this virus, and almost 100000 deaths recorded. In the U.S., the doctors at the front lines are worried because the standard approach of using ventilators is failing the patients. This morning I read articles in the Mercury News. They are talking about how doctors are debating on whether the use of the ventilators are really helping the patients, or hurting the patients. Where exactly is this battlefield? How come the ventilators have failed the patients? Continue reading »

The State of Five Branches University during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Five Branches University is closely monitoring COVID-19. This is a rapidly evolving situation and we are doing everything in our power to support those who are affected including students, patients, faculty, staff and the general public. Below you will find what we are doing in each sector of our campus to ensure the safety of everyone involved in Five Branches University and Health Services.

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Clinic - Patients

Patients may call to arrange for an herbal refill, and/or online consultation with a private practitioner, a faculty member or an intern. Herbs are at usual prices. Consultations are 50% of normal fees. For online consultations, you will be texted or emailed a Google Meet link that allows video conferencing.

  • (831) 476-8211 Santa Cruz 
  • (408) 260-8868 San Jose

Current Students

We are taking all possible courses in an online format. Those courses that cannot be taken online will be postponed until a later date.

We will be taking registration for summer courses either over the phone or online. Please contact your advisor for more information.

DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree Program

The DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree Program is now being taught online on the Google Classroom and Google Meet platforms allowing students to receive all course materials and to meet live through video conference with their faculty member and fellow students 
For assistance:

Postgraduate DAOM Program

The Postgraduate DAOM program is now being taught online using Google Drive for course materials such as PowerPoints and class notes, and via Google Meet for live video conferencing with the faculty member and fellow students.

For assistance:

DTCM/DAc Bridge Program

The DTCM/DAc Bridge program will continue to be taught fully online, as it was from its inception.

For assistance:


DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree Program

The admissions offices for the DTCM/MTCM Dual-Degree programs in San Jose and Santa Cruz remain open online and applicants interested in receiving information or speaking with an admissions advisor may call or email:

Postgraduate DAOM Program – English and Chinese

The admissions offices for the Postgraduate DAOM English and Chinese programs in San Jose is open and applicants interested in receiving information or speaking with an admissions advisor may call or email:

DTCM/DAc Bridge Program

The admissions office for the DTCM/DAc Bridge program is open and applicants interested in receiving information or speaking with an admissions advisor may call or email:

Paths to TCM

Whether or not you have a background in healthcare, our program strives to equip students with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture knowledge required for competent care and management of modern patients. Who are those studying at Five Branches University? What motivates them to invest their time in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture? Catch a glimpse of our student and alumni population. Get inspired by the experiences they have and begin where you’re at!

Program: DTCM Trial Courses

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Jessica Brophy, a practicing occupational therapist at a school district in the SF bay area, envisions her own practice where she can treat patients from the beginning to the end.


Amy Rupprecht, a practicing doula, finds Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to fill in the gaps of Western Medicine when it comes to birth and postpartum processes.


A massage therapist for 18 years, Kendra seeks to expand her knowledge and healing tools by studying Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.


Kelly Lake began studying at Five Branches University with interest to integrate Chinese Medicine into his practice of Martial arts, Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang.


By practicing Tai Chi (Taijiquan) on a daily basis, Donna Tse maintains high energy levels throughout the day, and recovers quickly from exhausting daily schedules.


Rachel Silverstone was awarded 1st Place in the Nuherbs 2019 TCM Scholarship Program! She took the opportunity to study at a Daoist temple while teaching in China.


Maryam Arabpour, Doctor of Pharmacy, explored the different dimensions of medicine by studying Western medicine, Ayurveda, and now Chinese Medicine.


Sarah Tang, a graduate from UC Berkeley, was intrigued by the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healthy lifestyle of an acupuncturist.


Aaron Lee, a Certified Health Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist, shares his experiences treating an athletic patient population.


Crystal Brooks is a Navy Veteran. Five Branches University makes education accessible to qualified veterans and their dependents.


Juliet, a former Business Financial Analyst, became a Licensed Acupuncturist and TCM Clinic owner upon graduation from Five Branches University.

Coronavirus: TCM Prevention Against Infection

Watch the video archived:

Lunchtime Student Forum: Coronavirus: Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention Against Infection

Prepared for the TCM Students and Practitioners

Live Broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.
Time: 12:00pm noontime, March 2nd, 2020

To watch more about about our Online Seminar, Please subscribe our channel

A Chinese Proverb says, “The superior doctor prevents sickness…”.
In face of the Coronavirus outbreak, what role can TCM play in prevention and treatment? What measures can be taken to reduce the chances of infection? Learn how to take better care of yourself and your patients.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Ching Ching Chi is a DAOM, PhD Graduate of Zhejiang TCM University and licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California. Ching specializes in pain management, diabetes and its complication, stroke rehabilitation, cancer care, and autoimmune disease.

Intrinsic Asthma Clinic – Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, CA, Dec 8 — Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, might have found the underlying cause of intrinsic asthma and an appropriate treatment. The results of her preliminary research on asthma patients, published in the October issue of the Journal of Chinese Medicine, suggest that an aberrant pattern in a specific sub-dermal electrical current in people with intrinsic asthma prevents adrenaline release and instead, in response to an increased need for oxygen, activates the mammalian dive reflex, the physiology of which is identical to that of intrinsic asthma. In all observed cases, one or two hours of acupuncture or physical therapy (Yin Tui Na) that lastingly corrected the electrical aberration also ended the chronic throat constriction and tendency for asthma. Dr. Walton-Hadlock is now looking to further her findings by hosting, with student interns, a free asthma clinic on Tuesdays from January 7 to April 14, 2020, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Five Branches University, 200 7th Ave, Santa Cruz.

Intrinsic asthma manifests when the body suddenly needs more oxygen. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, throat or chest tightness, and wheezing. Unlike extrinsic asthma, which is triggered by pathogens, allergens, or illness, intrinsic asthma can be triggered by physical activity or emotional stress. Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock’s initial observations in twelve patients found that these individuals all had a specific electrical blockage causing inadequate activation of sympathetic mode and the adrenal glands. Upon removal of the electrical blockage, using either acupuncture or gentle physical therapy in the blocked area, healthy adrenaline release and other features of a healthy level of sympathetic mode occurred almost immediately. The chronic throat constriction and overall tendency for asthma quickly ceased. After more than six months, patients were still asthma free. The Kaiser medical research department called these preliminary results “intriguing.”

Beginning January 2020, Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock will conduct a 60-person treatment program to assess the sub-dermal electrical systems of people with intrinsic asthma and correct any electrical errors using acupuncture or physical therapy. To participate in the study or inquire about details, candidates are asked to email Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock at or leave a message at 831-423-2649. Patient assessment and treatment usually takes two hours. In rare cases, a second treatment session might be needed. An appointment is required.

For an e-copy of the asthma article in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, please send a request to Dr. Walton-Hadlock at the above email address.

“I’m trying to control my excitement, but what I’ve seen so far has been life changing for those people who no longer have asthma,” said Dr. Walton-Hadlock. “It now appears that this simple treatment might save many lives.”

About Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, LAc, has been a professor of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at Five Branches University, in Santa Cruz, California, since 1998. She is the founder and director of the non-profit Parkinson’s Recovery Project and has led research projects on Parkinson’s disease, on the long-term effects of shock and on the bioelectric basis of Chinese medicine. Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock lectures widely and has been published in many peer-reviewed journals of Chinese medicine. She was the first non-MD acupuncturist to have a commentary accepted for publication in the New England Journal of Medicine (Mar 31 2005).

Come to Join Our Student Activities

You are welcome to join our student-organized activities on campus.  Online registration and a completed waiver form are required prior to participation.  You can also reach Admissions Office for assistance.

Student Organized Events

Student Lunch Forums


Our student-organized experience-sharing forums have received much attention and attendance! The event envisions a closer knitted student community where all could benefit from mutual experience and knowledge sharing. Sign up and join this event on Tuesdays at 12:15pm in Orchid Room!

Functional Movement


Our students, alumni, and staff have been participating in Functional Movement sessions coached by Son Doung. Son majored in Kinesiology, and also works as a Physical Therapy Aide (PTA) at the Sutter Health Palo Alto Medical Foundation. “We learn about health every day; we should at least keep ourselves fit and healthy,” Son remarks. Utilizing foam rollers and Thera-Bands, Son leads the exercises, incorporating techniques from his experiences in physical therapy. Sign up and join on Mondays at 12:00am!


Taichi for Everyone


Come learn and practice Taichi with Donna Tse, a Certified Taichi instructor, also winner at Taichi competitions. Taichi is a gentle exercise regimen derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts. It is a smooth, graceful form of exercise focusing on balance, body awareness, and deep breathing. Tai Chi is sometimes known as “meditation in motion”. Join on Fridays 6:00pm ~ 7:00pm.

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Rhythmic Stretching


No dancing shoes nor dance talents needed. All are invited to come and participate in an enjoyable half hour experience in between lunch break. Fill your being with beauty. Cued by Maryam, students move rhythmically with coordinated steps to the background of Persian music. Join Maryam as she leads students to engage physically with music, inhaling and exhaling with each movement. Do you feel your music?

Tai Chi Workshops, Spring 2020

Free Taiji (Tai Chi) Workshops, Spring 2020

First Session: 7:30 PM, Tuesday, Feb 4th, 2020

Increase Balance and Strength, Prevent Falling

2nd Session: 2:00 PM, Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020

Improve Body Alignment, Manage Back and Shoulder Pain

Online registration in advance is required.
Location: Five Branches University San Jose campus.
Address: 1885 Lundy Ave, San Jose, CA 95131
(Near Great Mall® Milpitas, @Google Map )

Sign Up for the Workshops

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Military Veterans, An Opportunity to Study TCM and Acupuncture

If you or your dependent is a veteran with an undergraduate degree, Five Branches University makes education accessible to you.  Our DTCM/MTCM program offers Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Acupuncture degree, academic classes and clinical training included and the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, and Yellow Ribbon can be arranged to cover your tuition fees and other benefits.

To get started, please read our Veteran Education Policies. For specific questions, fill out our contact form and an Admission Adviser will contact you.  We are glad to talk with you about the benefits eligibility, financial aid, and how to navigate the admissions process.

At Five Branches University, our top priority is to prepare our graduates to become exceptional practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our nationally accredited degree programs provide students with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, the latest TCM research, extensive clinical training, and comprehensive education in integrative medicine.

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